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    Something that may not have been taught at university – but which is still important and necessary – is the art of networking. Here are ten points to bear in mind in order to excel in this area.

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    Love it or hate it, being a good networker is a vital skill for all lawyers in order to gain useful contacts and further your career. Here are some simple tips to ensure that you network effectively within your firm.

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    With over 500 million registered users – two new users every second – you know LinkedIn is an extremely powerful platform for building business relationships. Here are some steps you can take that will improve your profile and put your firm on the map as well:

  • Being a professional mentor: a how-to guide David Carnes

    The mentor-protégé relationship is as old as civilisation itself – in fact, during large portions of history it entirely substituted for formal education. Although mentoring can be a critical component of the development of the protégé, what’s less appreciated is the degree that this relationship can benefit the mentor as well.

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     Far more than being a way to socialise while you’re at work, a professional network is an asset to any aspiring lawyer looking to make waves in the sector.

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    As a lawyer, strong client relationships will be the cornerstone of your practice. Find out how to build this type of relationship to further advance your career. 

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    The growth in use of social media by law clients has resulted in an expectation that the legal profession will embrace it too. Here’s a guide of what you can and can’t post.

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    From LGBT networks to specific interest groups, there are numerous internal networks within firms. Here’s how to get the most out of them and use them for networking.

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    A mentor can be an invaluable individual for a junior lawyer. Here’s how to find one and maintain that relationship.

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    Just showing up at networking events is not enough – lawyers, especially those in the beginning of their careers, need to make the most of every networking opportunity available to them.

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    In law, the importance of networking is frequently stressed—and if you’re working at a larger firm with hundreds of people, itcan seem like there are daily opportunities todo so. But what if you’re working at a regional firm, with a smaller office and fewer opportunities to meet other professionals? Here’s how you goabout making professional connections.

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    Applying for legal jobs the traditional way typically puts you in a large pool with many other applicants who are vying for the same position. But senior colleagues or those at other firms might be aware of job opportunities before they become official. How should you put yourself out there?

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    Alongside your usual work, you can also organise networking events and take on pro-bono projects or other voluntary work. These can be rewarding and energising, but if you get the balance wrong it can be a headache!

  • How to use the Junior Lawyers Division in your legal career Jan Hill

    Membership organisations can provide many opportunities to young solicitors, such as gaining vital information about the legal profession, learning about issues affecting the industry and establishing valuable networking connections with other legal professionals in their local area, as well as around the globe.

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    Meeting over lunch sounds more pleasant that sitting in a stark boardroom with coffee and a few biscuits. However, navigating your way through business objectives while maintaining dining etiquette can be a challenge.

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    So you’ve got a good, strong network of colleagues and mentors at your current firm - great! Now to sustain that network, and hopefully use your contacts to your advantage. But before you go asking favours of all the senior partners at your firm, there are a few etiquette pointers for sustaining your professional network. Check out our dos and don’ts…

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