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Legal Apprenticeships

A relatively new kid on the block, legal apprenticeships are having a bit of a moment. If you want to avoid the cost of university and pursue a legal career, then an apprenticeship in law might be just the ticket.

Legal apprenticeship CV By Becky Kells

Whether you already have a CV or this is your first time writing one, it needs to be in top condition before you start emailing it out to every law firm under the sun. Have a look at this guide of what you should include in your Legal...

How to find a legal apprenticeship By Becky Kells

So you’ve decided you like the idea of a salary, on the job training and study that makes up a legal apprenticeship package? Great! Starting the search for your legal apprenticeship can be daunting. It helps to know what types of apprenticeship...

Types of legal apprenticeship by Jack J Collins, Editor of

Legal apprenticeships have had lots of press over the past few months but in general they’re still very new. They join the growing number of industries that now offer alternative routes to university. We’re going to unpick the facts from the spin...

Should I choose a legal apprenticeship or university? By Jos Weale, Becky Kells and Jack J Collins, Former and Current Editors of AllAboutLaw

To a legal apprenticeship or to university: that is the question. It’s a decision not for the light-hearted. There’s a lot of information flying about out there, and if you want to embark on a legal career then having a solid idea of what role...

What is a legal apprenticeship? By Jack J Collins, Editor of AllAboutLaw

The law industry and the word “apprenticeship” don’t seem to go as well together as gravy and chips or Ant and Dec, but apprenticeships in the legal sector have been climbing up the charts in recent years. With the costs of legal education...

New Legal Apprenticeships - 2016 by Jack J Collins, Editor of

The ‘Trailblazer’ apprenticeships that the Government introduced in September last year affected every profession, and the legal sector was by no means an exception to the rule. In fact, three new legal apprenticeships were opened up – routes...



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