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DLA Piper FAQs

Find out all the answers to the key questions DLA Piper recieves in relation to graduate opportunities. 

Does the firm support those with disabilities?

Absolutely. DLA Piper believes that the workplace is best when it draws on the diversity of its employees. The firm even helped to found MyPlus students club, an organisation that helps students with disabilities to land their dream job. To ensure you can receive the adjustments, send the necessary information to 

Will DLA Piper sponsor me so I can get a work permit?

DLA Piper should be able to support applicants in obtaining a work permit for the training contract, providing an offer has been given. For the vacation scheme, you will need to hold a visa that allows you to work for three weeks full-time. 

Do I need law experience to apply?

Not at all. However, you will need to demonstrate that you are naturally inquisitive, have plenty of drive, and genuinely committed to becoming a lawyer. 

Are there any degree requirements?

There are no minimum degree requirements, but applicants should still report all of their exams and include mitigating circumstances if necessary. 

How can I practice for the Watson Glaser test?

The provider of the test, Pearson TalentLens, has a free practice test available on their website. It can be found here. Th is practice test isn’t scored but you will receive a report on how to prepare for the test. Scored practice tests can be found online, but many require payment.