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Bristows FAQs

All your key questions about Bristows, answered!

How will the firm keep in touch with me before I start my training contract?

Before the training contract starts, there will be a variety of social activities for you to get to know your fellow trainees. You will also be added to an email network which will provide you with relevant information as you approach your start date.

Will the firm reimburse my course fees if I’ve already taken the course?

Yes- Bristows reimburse course fees for the GDL and the LPC. 

What law school should I study the LPC at?

Bristows require their trainees to study at the BPP Law School, so they can get to know each other as they study. 

Are there opportunities for an international secondment?

While there are currently no opportunities for an international secondment, trainees can complete a client secondment as well as overseas travel to meet clients.

Can I still apply if I don’t have a 2:1?

Yes. While the firm asks that applicants have a 2:1, they also welcome mitigating circumstances. Those who apply with a degree below a 2:1 are not automatically rejected.