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Stephenson Harwood Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find all the answers to the questions you have about Stephenson Harwood! 

Where should I study the LPC?

Stephenson Harwood requires their trainees to study at the BPP law school. In return, they will have their fees fully covered and receive a £6,000 yearly maintenance grant. 

What are the firm planning to do with the SQE?

Stephenson Harwood are considering all possible options with regards to the SQE, and will release information as soon as a decision is made.

What kind of benefits does the firm offer?

Lawyers receive a variety of different benefits: a gym membership subsidy, a private GP, retail vouchers and concessions for museums and galleries, to name a few. 

When do applications open?

Applications tend to open at the beginning of October. They tend to close in November for the winter schemes and January for the summer schemes. 

Can I apply directly for a training contract?

Stephenson Harwood recruits their trainees from their vacation schemes. During the vacation schemes, there will be a formal assessment day for training contract places.