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Diversity at Stephenson Harwood

Stephenson Harwood is committed to increasing diversity and inclusion in the legal profession. Find out more about their initiatives below. 

The firm works with a variety of different external networks aimed at encouraging diversity among lawyers. Examples include Whizz kids, who provide work experience for young wheelchair users, as well as with Blueprint for all (formerly the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust) to create a careers toolkit for those who are interested in a legal career.

Stephenson Harwood themselves also have their own scholarship for sixth form students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Scholarship candidates receive £15,000 a year for university fees and living expenses, as well as numerous opportunities at the firm. They attend insight days, receive work experience and even have a guaranteed place at an assessment centre.

The firm is trying to increase the number of ethnic minority trainees recruited to the firm, and set a number of diversity targets. By 2025, the firm wants to have 10% of their partners to be ethnic minorities, and 30% of trainees. Out of this 30%, the firm is aiming for 10% to be black. 

Inside the firm, Stephenson Harwood has a variety of networks for those from different backgrounds. There are groups for different ethnicities, disabilities, genders and sexual orientations, to name but a few. The firm also works with external networks such as City parents for working parents and the business disability forum. 




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