• Can I become a lawyer without going to university?Yi Kang Choo

    The short answer is YES, it is possible to become a lawyer without going to university, especially if you are looking to qualify as a solicitor in the UK. As opposed to the traditional qualification route (obtaining a degree and passing the SQE exams), there are two routes that are commonly undertaken by individuals who would like to work as a solicitor without a degree.

  • Can I do a Law apprenticeship without A-Levels?Lawrence Topley

    With high tuition fees, and in an industry that values experience, law apprenticeships are a practical pathway to take. For these apprenticeships, the entry requirements differ, depending on what type of legal apprenticeship you are applying for.

  • Can I do a legal apprenticeship if I have a law degree?Claudia Chan

    Legal apprenticeship are often branded as an alternative route to qualification - even for those who have a law degree. However, what are legal apprenticeships and how do they work? This article will tackle this question, with a particular focus on law school graduates and the graduate solicitor apprenticeship.

  • Can you become a barrister through an apprenticeship?Lawrence Topley

    A barrister is a legal representative who advocates in court on behalf of their client. They are instructed by either clients or client’s solicitors to argue their case in court. Unfortunately, there is currently no apprenticeship programme which will allow you to qualify as a barrister. However, this is currently a topic under debate in the industry and there are several calls for this route to be made viable.

  • Can you get an apprenticeship in law?Helena Kudiabor

    How do you become a lawyer? The typical answer is by completing a law degree, or by completing a non-law degree and a law conversion course. However, what you may not know is that it’s possible to complete a legal apprenticeship, and finish a qualified lawyer! Here’s what you need to know.

  • Getting a legal apprenticeshipEmma Finamore, Editor,

    Legal apprenticeships are a great option for school leavers wanting to access law careers without taking the traditional university route.

  • How do you get a law degree apprenticeship?Claudia Chan

    Law apprenticeships have become increasingly more popular in the past few years. It is an alternative to the traditional route to qualification. They serve as an appealing alternative to those who aren’t interested in attending university, can’t afford to pay university fees, or would rather learn via practical experience.

  • How much do law apprentices make?Helena Kudiabor

    One of the major advantages of being an apprentice is that unlike university students, you get paid, even while you’re training. In this article, you’ll learn how much you can expect to earn as an apprentice in the legal sector.

  • How much does a solicitor apprentice earn?Jack Medforth

    If you’re looking at applying for a solicitor apprenticeship position, a key factor you may be considering is how you could get paid . Here we will explore what to expect, and some background on what exactly we mean by a ‘solicitor apprentice’.


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    Law firms often require specifically skilled secretarial staff to help them operate, which means that there are opportunities for school leavers to do apprenticeships in these roles.

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    A legal executive apprenticeship is a training and work programme during which school leavers qualify as a legal executive without having to pay university tuition fees. In fact, apprentices are paid a good, full-time salary for the duration of their programme.