International Firm Vacation Schemes

A vacation scheme at an international firm is a great option to consider if you’re interested in how law plays out all over the world. International firms may be based in London or another major UK city, but they will have branches internationally, and the work they do will encompass many nations and jurisdictions.

As part of your vacation scheme at an international law firm, it’s likely that you’ll be able to witness this sort of international law first-hand, getting involved with various cases. You’ll no doubt get a sense of what it’s like to work with colleagues all over the world, with frequent opportunities to travel and even work abroad.

For a firm to have reached international prominence is a great marker of its success - so you can expect vacation scheme places at international law firms to be competitive. Make sure you send out a well-tailored, well-researched application, and take some time to figure out what makes you an appealing candidate. Once you’ve done that, start browsing vacation schemes at international law firms!


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