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HFW Application Process

Before you apply to a law firm, you should be familiar with their assessment process so you know what awaits. Read more about HFW's process below. 

Stage one

The majority of trainees are recruited via the firm’s vacation scheme, but there are still a few direct applications for those who cannot do a vacation scheme.

The first step of the application process is an online application form, which asks a variety of different questions. Examples include: why you want to work for HFW and what skills you have that would make you a good lawyer. Applicants are advised to provide plenty of evidence and tailor their answers to the firm, as opposed to writing generically. You should aim to send in your application as soon as possible, as HFW recruits on a rolling basis.

Stage two

Next, you will be invited to attend an assessment centre where you will have to complete a variety of different tasks. There will be a written exercise, a group task as well as an interview with associates. You won’t need to know any legal knowledge but will be assessed on your written skills and enthusiasm and interest in the firm.

You will also have to complete the Watson Glaser test, which assesses your critical thinking skills. You can practice using sample papers online, as well as analysing arguments in articles and at debates. 

If you are applying for the training contract directly, you will have a partner interview approximately a week after the assessment centre, providing you pass the assessment centre stage. If you are applying for a vacation scheme, you will have the interview during your vacation scheme. To prepare, you should familiarise yourself with the application form you submitted, understand how current events are impacting the firm, and brush up on your problem solving skills.