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Foot Anstey Application Process

The Foot Anstey application process includes an application form, video interview and assessment centre. Find out all the key information about each step here!

Stage one

Those who are interested in working for Foot Anstey can apply for either the vacation scheme or directly for a training contract. The firm aims to make the application process as smooth as possible, with questions geared towards getting to know you. 

The first step is an online application form, made up of three questions. Your answers cannot be more than 400 words each. Questions aim to assess your commercial awareness, analytical ability, as well as your personal achievements. 

Vacation Scheme Application

If you are applying for a vacation scheme, successful applicants will take place in a video interview followed by the vacation scheme itself. Then, if you are interested in applying for a training contract, you will attend an assessment day after the scheme. 

Training Contract Application

Those who are applying for a training contract complete a video interview and assessment day after the online application. Foot Anstey aims to respond to applicants within two weeks following each stage.