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Clifford Chance FAQs

Find out the answers to all your key questions about Clifford Chance here. 

What are Clifford Chance’s plans for the SQE?

As of right now, the firm is considering all options and will release a detailed plan in due course. Potential applicants should rest assured that the firm will continue to provide financial support.

How can I prepare for the Watson Glaser test?

Clifford Chance offers a practice test on their website for free. It can be taken as many times as needed. External sites also offer practice tests for a fee.

Do you have any academic requirements?

In an effort to make becoming a solicitor more accessible to all, Clifford Chance removed academic requirements in 2017. 

How can I get involved as a sixth form student?

Year 12 students can apply for ARISE, Clifford Chance’s two-year scheme for students from low socioeconomic backgrounds. The scheme provides mentoring from a qualified lawyer, visiting a variety of different companies and one-on-one tutoring, to name but a few aspects. Applications open in April for August dates and August for April dates.