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Bates Wells offer both a training contract and vacation scheme. The training contract is uniquely structured and vacation schemes take place over two weeks. 

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Training Contract

Over the two years of the training, you’ll do two six-month seats in the first year, followed by three four-month seats in the second year.

Trainees complete a seat in Charity & Social Enterprise during their training. Other seats available include: Corporate & Commercial, Dispute Resolution, Employment, Immigration, Public & Regulatory and Real Estate.

As a trainee, you will have the opportunity to input into the seat allocation process throughout the two years, which provides greater flexibility during training. The firm will help you to choose the seats that will best prepare you for your preferred career path.

You’ll have a dedicated supervisor in each seat, who’ll make sure your work is relevant and varied, with training where necessary. At the interim and final appraisals for each seat, your supervisor will give feedback on your performance and set objectives for the next stage.

Vacation Scheme

Due to Covid-19, Bates Wells conducted trainee recruitment virtually in 2020 and 2021. The firm continues to monitor government guidance and will begin preparing to return to the office when possible. They hope to conduct in-person schemes in 2022

You’ll sit in two different departments during your fortnight with the firm. But from day one, you’ll feel part of something bigger. You’ll have the chance to explore the firm and the values that drive them, and they'll always support you to be yourself.

You’ll meet a wide range of the firm’s people, and you’ll get to know Bates Wells’ shared sense of purpose and values. The firm will encourage you to get involved with the whole department and any events happening during your time there.

Before joining the scheme you will receive an agenda about different events happening during your time with Bates Wells, and opportunities to attend drop-in calls if you have any questions leading up to the scheme. You will have points of contact in the HR team that you can reach out to about anything in the build up to the placement. The firm wants you to feel as prepared as possible for your first day, so you can really enjoy your experience.

When you arrive for your vacation scheme, Bates Wells will go into more detail about how you'll be assessed throughout the placement, and give you helpful information to prepare in advance. During the scheme you will complete a written assessment, which is based on a typical trainee task. You will also have an end of scheme interview with two members of the recruitment panel to talk about your experiences of the scheme.

If you’re successful following the scheme, the firm will invite you back for a final interview from July with two partners (including their Managing Partner). After final interviews, Bates Wells offers training contracts to successful candidates.