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Baker McKenzie Jobs

Baker McKenzie offers excellent training contract and vacation schemes. Find out everything you need to know about these opportunities here.

Brand Ambassador 2022

  • Employer Baker McKenzie LLP
  • Salary(All locations) £12 per hour
  • Location Bristol, Leeds, Exeter, Manchester, Birmingham, London, Nottingham, Warwick, York
  • Vacancies 40
  • Deadline06/07/2022

Training Contract

Trainees at Baker McKenzie kick off their training with a two-week induction, so they can get to know everyone at the firm and be exposed to real-life work for the beginning.

Trainees complete four seats, each lasting six months each. Due to the firm’s heavy focus on corporate law, you will be required to spend one seat in a transactional department. There will also be an opportunity to complete a seat internationally or with a client’s in-house legal team.

At Baker McKenzie, trainees get involved in real work from the start. Past trainees have done legal research, liaised with clients, sat in on client meetings and even helped prepare contracts. 

To support you, you’ll work with a partner who will monitor your progress and provide personal and professional support. There will also be a formal review at the end of every seat, as well as a more informal review halfway through. As you progress, you’ll get the chance to take on more responsibility. 

Vacation Scheme

Completing a vacation scheme at Baker McKenzie allows you to get a sense of what life is like in a multinational law firm. Candidates will get the chance to experience two seats, with at least one of these in the corporate or banking sector.  

During these seats, you won’t just be shadowing senior lawyers, you’ll be getting involved in real legal work, attending client meetings and getting involved in transactions. There will also be opportunities to develop transferable skills during training sessions, and get involved in social events. Past candidates have enjoyed ping pong sessions, pizza making classes and afternoon tea on the Thames