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Ashurst FAQs

Still have a question about Ashurst that hasn't been covered in the other parts of the hub? You'll find the answer here.

Which law school will I attend?

All of Ashurt’s trainees attend The University of Law. The GDL can be taken at any branch of the university, but most study at the Moorgate branch.

Can I still apply if I haven’t received a 2:1 degree?

If you have mitigating circumstances, there is a place on the application form to tell the firm more about it. 

I have a disability or impairment, how can I receive support during the application process?

If you are worried that a disability or impairment you have may impact your ability to complete the assessments, you are advised to contact Ashurst’s recruitment team before you complete the assessment. If you don’t feel comfortable speaking to Ashurst directly, the Consulting Psychology Team can do this on your behalf. Further information can be found here.  

Are there any opportunities for sixth form students?

The firm’s Access Ashurst programme provides up to 22 Year 12 students from disadvantaged backgrounds with work shadowing, mentoring support and skills workshops. Candidates are paid £370 weekly, and lunch, refreshments and travel expenses are all covered.  

Can I go on a secondment during my training contract?

All trainees have the chance to go on a six-month international or client secondment.