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Ashurst Application Process

This is your opportunity to find out more about Ashurst's challenging application process. We'll talk you through each step, so you know what to expect.

Stage one

The first step of the application is to complete an online application form. This will ask you why you want to be a lawyer and why you think Ashurst is the firm for you. 

Stage two

You’ll then be invited to complete three psychometric assessments. Cognify requires you to complete a series of online games, which will assess your problem solving and analytical skills. Values fit looks at the importance you give to key work factors, to ensure Ashurst is a good cultural fit for you. Emotify will involve two games, assessing your interpersonal skills, capability and leadership potential. Please note that you should complete these tests within seven days of receiving them. 

Stage three

Candidates will then be invited to attend the office for further assessments. There will be an interview with a member of Ashurst’s HR team and an Associate or Senior Associate, as well as a short case study to complete. If you’re applying for a training contract, you’ll also attend a second interview with two of the firm’s partners. All applicants will receive an office tour.