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Watson Farley & Williams Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about Watson Farley & Williams.

Does the firm have a preferred law school for the GDL/LPC?

The firm prefers their trainees to study at the BPP law school.

Can I reapply next year if I was unsuccessful?

Yes, but if you were unsuccessful at the assessment centre stage you will be unable to reapply. Only those who do not pass the application form stage can apply again during the next application cycle.

Are there any modules I must study during the LPC?

Watson Farley & Williams requires their trainees to study debt finance, private acquisition and equity finance during their LPC. If they have already completed the LPC, but did not complete these modules, they will need to take them before they start their contract.

Are there any opportunities available for first-year students?

Yes! The firm has law fairs at different universities and holds open days.

What kind of benefits does the firm offer?

The firm provides a variety of different benefits, including, but not limited to, 25 days holiday, medical insurance and £250 towards a sports club membership.