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Watson Farley & Williams Application Process

Beofre you apply to Watson Farley & Williams, make sure you are familiar with their application process. 

Stage one

The first stage of the application is to submit an application form.

Stage two

If you are successful in your initial application, you will be invited to complete a video interview.

Stage three

After this, there will be a one-day assessment, in January or February for vacation schemes and in July or August for training contracts. The day will involve a client scenario, which aims to assess your analytical, written and organisational skills. It is also a chance for you to visit the firm for the first time and get a sense of the culture. If you receive an acceptance for a vacation scheme, you will automatically be considered for a training contract.


Watson Farley & Williams advise applicants to: go beyond repeating facts and figures, carefully consider and explain your motivations for applying, try and do as much as possible to show you are interested in a law career. While it is important to be professional, it’s also important to be yourself and let your personality shine through at all stages of the application.