Feb 29, 2024

Written By Billy Sexton, Editor, AllAboutLaw.co.uk

Do I Need to Sit the LNAT?

Feb 29, 2024

Written By Billy Sexton, Editor, AllAboutLaw.co.uk

“The what?!” The LNAT! “Sorry, you’ve lost me…”

Right, okay. The LNAT is the National Admissions Test for Law and is used as an entry exam by several universities as part of the selection process for their undergraduate law degrees.

If you’re applying to start studying law, you may have to sit the LNAT. We’ve put together a handy list of universities and courses that require students to have sat the LNAT.

Which universities require the LNAT?

University of Bristol

LLB Law (M100), LLB Law and French (MR11), LLB Law and German (MR12), LLB Law and Spanish (MR13).

University of Cambridge

BA Law (M100)

Durham University

LLB Law (M101) and LLB Law with Foundation (M102).

University of Glasgow

Scots Law LLB (M114), Scots Law with French Language (M1R1), Scots Law with French Legal Studies (M121), Scots Law with German Language (M1R2), Scots Law with German Legal Studies (M122), Scots Law with Italian Language (M1R3), Scots Law with Italian Legal Studies (M1M9), Scots Law with Russian (M1RR), Scots Law with Spanish Language (M1R4), Scots Law with Spanish Legal Studies (M123), Scots Law/Business Economics (MN11), Scots Law/Business Management (MN12), Sctos Law/Economic and Social History (MV13), Sctos Law/Economics (ML11), Scots Law/English Literature (MQ13), Scots Law/Gaelic Language (MQ15), Scots Law/History (MV11), Scots Law/Philosophy (MV15) and Scots Law/Politics (ML12).

King’s College London

Politics, Philosophy and Law LLB (LM21), Law LLB (M100), English Law & French Law (with year abroad) (M121), English Law & German Law (M122), English Law & Hong Kong Law (M190).

The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

LLB Bachelor of Laws (M100)

University of Oxford

Law - Jurisprudence BA - equivalent to LLB (M100), Law with European Law (The Netherlands) (M190), Law with French Law (M191), Law with German Law (M192), Law with Italian Law (M193) and Law with Spanish Law (M194).

SOAS, University of London

Law (M100), African Studies and Law (TM51), History of Art/Archaeology and Law (VM31), International Relations and Law (LMF1), Law and Arabic (MT16), Law and Burmese (MTCH), Law and Chinese (MT11), Law and Development Studies (LM91), Law and Economics (LM11), Law and Geography (LM71), Law and Georgian (MT19), Law and Hebrew (MQ14), Law and History (MV11), Law and Indonesian (MTDH), Law and Korean (MTDL), Law and Linguistics (MQ11), Law and South-East Asian Studies (TMJC), Middle Eastern Studies and Law (TM61), Persian and Law (MTD6), Politics and Law (LM21), Social Anthropology and Law (LM61), South Asian Studies and Law (TMH1), South Asian Studies and Law (Including Year Abroad) (TM3C), Study of Religions and Law (MV16), Swahili and Law (MTD5), Thai and Law (TM31), Turkish and Law (MTC6) and Vietnamese and Law (MT1H).

University College London

Law LLB (M100), Law with French Law (M141), Law with German Law (M142), Law with Hispanic Law (M144) and English and German Law Dual Degree (4 years) (M146).

Have we listed a course or university that you’re interested in potentially studying? If so, you’d better get preparing for the LNAT and check out some sample LNAT questions. Good luck!