Mar 05, 2024

Written By Claudia Chan

How long do LNAT results take?

Mar 05, 2024

Written By Claudia Chan

The chances are if you are reading this article you have completed your LNAT. Firstly, congratulations are in order: well done for completing this test! It is by no means an easy task so the fact that you have completed it should be something to be proud of. However, you are probably wondering when you will receive your results. This article will explain when universities receive LNAT results, and when you will receive them.

When do universities receive my LNAT result?

LNAT results are emailed to universities twice a year. When you take the exam determines when you receive your results.

For all LNAT tests taken before the 20th October, universities that require the LNAT will receive the result directly from the test provider on the 21st October.

Results for tests taken any day after the 20th will be sent directly to the LNAT universities within 24 hours of taking the test.

Each university’s admissions tutors will refer to the candidate’s score as a screening mechanism for their application. The candidate’s LNAT score and essays will be used by each university differently according to a criteria that suits their own admissions system. They are viewed in conjunction with the application form, personal statement, and in some cases, performance at interview. There is no fixed weight to the LNAT.

The use of LNAT essays varies according to each university. They mark it according to their own criteria - their criteria is not published but it may be inferred by considering what skills make a successful lawyer. Some universities may use it as the basis for interview questions. Others may use it as a means of distinguishing between two candidates.

When do I receive my LNAT result?

LNAT results will be emailed to candidates twice a year. LNAT results day vary according to when the test was taken.

Candidates taking the LNAT on or before 26 January will receive their results in mid February. Candidates taking the test after 26 January will receive their results in mid-August.

Unlike GCSEs and A-Levels, no specific dates can be given. Unfortunately, that means that you cannot anticipate when you will get your result: it can happen anytime, anywhere.

It should be noted that you will just receive your score for Section A - the multiple choice section. You will also receive the average score for the cohort in the admissions cycle. As Section B (the essay) is assessed by the universities admissions tutors, according to their own mark scheme, you will not get a mark back for it. It is not possible to request your result.

How long is my LNAT score valid for?

It is only valid for the year you took it, thus if you are reapplying you must take the test again. By the same token, if you get a low score, it is not possible to resit the LNAT.