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Shoosmiths FAQs

Here we list the most frequently asked questions from aspiring solicitors about Shoosmiths. 

Are there any tips for the application process?

The firm often finds that students tend to do worse on competency questions. As a result, they advise applicants to link their achievements to the skills needed for a legal career. For instance, you could talk about how being a tour guide for your university shows you’re good at time management and communication. 

Will I receive feedback if I am unsuccessful?

Applicants who attend an assessment day receive detailed feedback on their performance; however, applicants who are unsuccessful before this stage do not. This is due to the high volume of applications received.

Can I still get a training contract if I didn’t do a placement?

Yes, as placements can be incredibly competitive. Even if you didn’t do a placement, it’s a good idea to seek out experiences that show commitment and longevity (for instance, a part-time job).

Does the firm have a preferred LPC provider?

No, you can choose whichever law school best suits you. 

Do Shoosmiths have any required electives?

The firm recommends that you choose electives that are similar to the firm’s practice areas, but also those that you enjoy. There are no required electives.