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Sharpe Pritchard Sustainability

Sharpe Pritchard's commitment to sustainability is unwavering. Every year, the firm meticulously measures its carbon footprint across all three scopes. It has achieved zero emissions for scopes 1 and 2 and is actively engaged in reducing scope 3 emissions by collaborating with its suppliers. This year, Sharpe Pritchard has made significant strides, reducing its individual carbon footprint by a remarkable 13%.

This dedication to sustainability is reflected in the firm's operational practices. Sharpe Pritchard has taken concrete steps to minimise landfill usage, eliminate single-use plastics, and implement comprehensive recycling programmes. Additionally, the firm relies on green couriers and electric taxis to transport employees and supplies, prioritising sustainable transportation options. Moreover, Sharpe Pritchard offers season tickets, cycle-to-work schemes, and electric vehicle initiatives to encourage employees to adopt eco-friendly commuting habits.

In its pursuit of reducing paper consumption, Sharpe Pritchard is committed to using recycled paper whenever possible. When printing is essential, the firm offsets its environmental impact by planting trees through a certified afforestation program. This commitment to sustainability extends to the legal work Sharpe Pritchard undertakes, where the firm actively supports government and local authorities in their green initiatives.