Nov 23, 2018

Written By Antonia Rubin

The pros and cons of using a recruiter

Nov 23, 2018

Written By Antonia Rubin

Recruiters get a lot of bad press, but they can make job hunting more bearable, effective and result in you achieving a better salary. We consider the issues when deciding on whether to use a recruiter to find your next job.

Their network is large

The internet has greatly assisted in job hunting, but recruiters can source jobs that you may not otherwise hear about. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be the right person for the job and you may be put forward for positions that aren’t ideal, so they claim to have shortlisted the required number of candidates. However, this is all they do and they may just uncover your ideal role.

Applying directly for roles means you need to stand out, since employers receive countless CVs. But if a recruiter is well-respected and puts forward reliable candidates, the employer is likely to approve suggestions recommended by that recruiter for interview.

It saves you time

Using a recruiter is much more time-efficient then job hunting yourself. You’ll hopefully avoid pointless interviews, since the recruiter should filter out candidates that aren’t right for a job. If you’re called for interview, you’re more likely to find it relevant to both your skills and salary expectations.

Recruitment firms can talk to more people than you can, as this is all they do. Their databases will make the whole process a lot faster than is possible on your own. They will know about jobs as soon as they become available, and can put you forward instantaneously. They won’t be purely focusing on you, but if you’re registered with relevant recruitment agencies and have strong skills, they will want to push you forward for posts. Which leads us onto…

It costs you nothing

The employer is the one paying the recruiters, so they will work hard to push their candidates forward. The fact that you don’t pay the recruiter means you’re not limited to just one – use as many as you want to find that perfect role.

However, don’t let using a recruiter lose you money on your next salary. You need to be wary of recruiters underselling you in order to fill a post. Be careful about sharing your salary history, as this can place a ceiling on what they will ask for. However, some recruiters are expert negotiators and will achieve a greater salary for you than you could have achieved yourself – after all, it increases what they will earn. You need to know what your salary level should be and that your recruiter is willing to sell you at that level.

You’re just another job

For recruiters, their profit margin is their main goal. Be aware that some recruiters will just want to get people through the door for interview. Quiz the recruiter on what they know about any potential job in as much detail as possible before you agree to go for an interview. Also, ensure you use a recruiter that knows your field – using one that doesn’t understand your area will probably mean they can’t find you the right role and will not put you forward for relevant interviews.

But go in with your eyes open and using a recruiter can be very helpful in you finding your next job.



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