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Norton Rose Fulbright Graduate Careers

Norton Rose Fulbright offer a training contract and vacation schemes - both outstanding opportunities for those looking to begin a career in law. Opportunities accepting applications will be listed below. 

Training Contract March 2024 and September 2024

  • Employer Norton Rose Fulbright
  • Salary(First year ) £48,000
  • Salary(Second year) £52,000
  • Location London
  • Vacancies Up to 45
  • Deadline11/07/2022

Training Contract

There’s no progress more vital than what you’ll experience on Norton Rose Fulbright's training contracts. Over two years – broken into four six-month seats – you’ll hit all kinds of new firsts with them, big and small. You’ll explore new areas, for instance. Each seat will take you through different sectors and practice areas, with at least one seat in banking and corporate. One of your seats will almost certainly be on secondment too – your first encounter with working in a new country, or maybe six months spent working in a client office. As you move from one milestone to the next, you’ll have a sizeable team at your back. A partner mentor to turn to and to learn from. A trainee buddy to teach you the ropes. And the whole trainee development team, to keep you on track from day to day.

Work Placements

Finding the place you want to start your career is a moment you’ll always remember, and that’s exactly the kind of insight the firm offers on their vacation schemes. The scheme will involve interactive sessions with senior stakeholders, group and individual assessments, engaging workshops, as well as an associate mentor and trainee buddy for the week. There will also be a training contract interview on the last day. Whether your vacation scheme is in person, virtual, or a hybrid of the two, vacation schemes offer you an unparalleled insight into the life, work and culture of the firm, giving you the chance to see if Norton Rose Fulbright is the firm for you.