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Mayer Brown Application Process

Every law firm has unique elements of their application process. It's important that when you apply to a firm like Mayer Brown, you are aware of all the steps in the process so you can perform to the best of your abilities. 

Stage one

The first step of the application is to complete an application form, which asks you to provide details on your educational background and any work experience. Don’t worry if you haven’t done any legal work experience, just include any experience that shows you have transferable skills. 

Stage two

The next step is to complete two online tests: a verbal reasoning test and a situational strength test. These tests aim to assess your verbal comprehension skills and reactions to different scenarios. Your responses will be scored according to the skills and traits you show while answering the questions, and you will need to meet or surpass the benchmark score to progress to the next stage.

Stage three

Successful candidates will then complete a 20-minute strengths-based telephone interview with someone from the graduate recruitment team, and then an assessment day. Your experience will vary depending on what you applied for.