Jan 05, 2024

Written By Helena Kudiabor

What format is the SQE2 exam?

Jan 05, 2024

Written By Helena Kudiabor

The SQE2 exam is the final exam that aspiring solicitors must pass as part of the new Solicitors Qualifying Examination.

How many exams are there in SQE2?

The exam is divided into two parts: the oral and the written sections. The oral exam takes place over two days, while the written exam takes place over three. This makes up five days in total, although they won’t all be consecutive.

How is the SQE2 oral exam designed?

The oral exam will begin with an advocacy task. Candidates will have to prepare a presentation using a case study for 45 minutes, and will present their findings for 15 minutes. Next, there will be 10 minutes to prepare for a client interview, and then 25 minutes for a real life simulation. Finally, there will be an attendance note lasting 25 minutes. This order is not definite and the exam can begin with the interview and attendance note as opposed to the advocacy task.

What will the SQE2 oral exam test?

The oral exam will assess different topics each day. The first day will cover dispute resolution and property practice. The second day will cover wills and intestacy, criminal litigation and probate administration and practice.

How is the SQE2 written exam designed?

The written exam involves 12 mini exams. There will be a case matter analysis task lasting an hour, then half an hour of legal writing. Then, after a 15 minute break, there will be a legal research task lasting an hour and then 45 minutes of legal drafting. The exam will last 2 hours and 30 minutes each day, and will follow the same format daily.


What will the SQE2 written exam test?

Just like the oral exam, the written exam will cover different topics each day. Day one will cover dispute resolution and criminal litigation. Day two will cover property practice, wills and intestacy, and probate administration and practice. The final day, day three, will cover business organisations, rules and procedures.

Can I receive adjustments for my disability?

If you normally receive adjustments for your disability or think additional support would be beneficial, you can apply online. Once you have created an SQE account (necessary to register and pay for the exam), there will be a reasonable adjustments form on the portal. You should complete this as soon as possible, including documentation about your disability, what adjustment you are requesting, and how this will help you.

If you are requesting extra time, you can receive 25% but more if you provide specific evidence. There are other adjustments available as well, such as breaks, enlarged font and assistant provision.