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Latham & Watkins Application Process

Before you make an application to Latham & Watkins, make sure you are aware of each stage in their application process. 

First stage

The first step is to complete an online application form. This will ask you about your extracurricular activities, academic life, any work experience you have and the reasons behind your interest in law. It is advised that you know what you put in your application form inside out.

Once you have submitted your application, you will be invited to complete an online assessment, which will require you to apply your skills and judgment to a simulated pro bono case, based on a real-life matter. The behavioural assessment, which includes preference-type questions, is designed to help the firm understand your natural approach to work.

Second stage

Successful applicants will be asked to complete a 15-minute video interview, made up of five questions. You won’t need to have extensive legal knowledge but will just need to be yourself and use the interview as an opportunity to showcase your soft skills and interest in the firm.

Third stage

If you are applying for a vacation scheme, you will then attend an assessment day made up of a written task and a one-hour interview, which includes a short presentation you are asked to prepare in advance. During the vacation scheme, you will be assessed for a training contract based on your performance, as well as an interview at the end of the scheme.