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Latham & Watkins FAQs

Find out the answers to the most frequently asked questions of Latham & Watkins here. 

Where should I take the LPC?

The firm prefers their trainees to take the LPC at the BPP Law school in London. Although it’s not mandatory, it’s best to take it at one of their branches in London so you can meet your fellow trainees.

What kind of benefits does the firm offer?

Latham & Watkins offer a variety of different benefits. Examples include a subsidised restaurant, a discounted gym membership, counselling services and even occasional cake days (an unlimited choice of different cakes)

Are there any opportunities for first year students?

Latham’s First Year Scheme is your opportunity to learn more about life as a lawyer at a global elite law firm, to help you determine if a training contract at Latham would be right for you. Over the course of the scheme, you will gain valuable insights into complex, high-profile, and cross-border work, and how a law firm operates as a business.

Are there any tips to make my application stand out?

Applicants are advised to proofread their application form, know everything on the form inside out and be sure to showcase all of your skills, even if they are not related to law.

Will my fees be reimbursed if I already paid for an LPC course?