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Non-University Route

Think of entering the legal profession and you might envision going to university and coming out the other side with a wig on your head. But there are ways to have a career in the legal sector without a university degree and the associated student debt.

Paralegal Apprenticeships Charlotte Stainton, Paralegal Apprentice, DWF

Many people believe that in order to have a good law career you must choose the obvious university route and obtain a law degree through years of academic study. This, in many cases, is a successful option, but there are other opportunities that...

Legal Apprenticeships By Billy Sexton, Editor,

Back in the day, the only way to break into the legal sector would be to pack up your bags, set off to university, complete your degree, complete a a Graduate Diploma in Law and/or a Legal Practice Course, apply for and succeed in getting onto a 

School Leaver Programme By Billy Sexton, Editor,

Gone are the days where the aspiring lawyer had to traipse through university for at least three years before embarking upon a legal practice course (LPC) and two years of a training contract. Law is now a much more accessible industry, thanks...



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