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Macfarlanes FAQs

Find the answers to all the questions you might have about Macfarlanes and the firm's job opportunities.

How many trainees does the firm recruit annually?

Macfarlanes recruits 33 trainees across two intakes in March and September.

What benefits does Macfarlanes offer?

Macfarlanes provides a number of benefits to its employees, including: subsidised restaurant and coffee shop, a corporate gym membership, community days and a fitness allowance.

Will Macfarlanes take into account any extenuating circumstances I have?

Extenuating circumstances that may have affected your performance are always taken into consideration, and there is a space to include this on your online application form. If you need further information, the firm’s graduate recruitment team will be happy to discuss this with you.

Will I receive feedback if my application is unsuccessful?

As Macfarlanes receives a high number of applications, they are unable to provide feedback to candidates who do not make the assessment day stage. However, common reasons for your application being rejected include: needing more complete or succinct responses to questions, poor example choices and poor grammar. Candidates who attend an assessment day receive feedback.