Jul 12, 2022

Written By Thomas Cserep

How do I nail my law school interview?

Jul 12, 2022

Written By Thomas Cserep

Law school interviews can be a daunting experience. However, we’ve got your back as here we have gathered the best advice to help you prepare and nail your interview.

Research the university and the law department

It is vital that you do some research on the university and the law department that you are applying to. They want to know why you are particularly interested in them and what aspects of the course you are most looking forward to.

Throughout the interview mention specific pieces of information related to the university and course, such as which academics’ works interest you. In fact, it may be handy to look up the person who will be interviewing you if they are a professor.

If the right time comes, you may be able to ask about their work and their interests in law. Forming a bond with the interviewer will help you leave a positive impression.

Prepare for the interview with the resources available

Some universities will let you know the kind of topics that will be covered in the interview. If that is not the case, you can browse student forums to help you get an idea on what kind of questions may come up.

You should also research the modules that the law programme consists of. They may ask you module-specific questions and why you are interested in them.

Good preparation will help you relax and reduce the likelihood of getting a mental block during the interview.

Practice obvious questions

There are some questions that will without a doubt come up in your interview, regardless of whether the university has sent resources to confirm so or not.

For example:

- Why are you interested in a career in law?

- Why did you apply to our law school?

- Which field of law interests you the most?

- What is your proudest achievement?

The questions above are just a handful from a selection that will come up in one way or another.

Know your CV and personal statement like the back of your hand

During the interview they will definitely ask about your past experiences and why you are choosing to study a law degree. As you have sent your CV and personal statement to the law school during the application process, they might ask specific questions about past positions you have held, whether they were professional or roles in your secondary school.

If you have the chance, try printing out your CV and personal statement so that you can revise it like you would potential questions.


Draw on past experiences to demonstrate your skills

Your interviewer will want to know why you are a strong candidate and how you would be a valuable addition to the faculty.

You can draw upon past experiences in your interview and elaborate on how the skills you have gained prior to applying are transferable to becoming a successful student at the law school. For example, being team captain of your basketball team demonstrates that you have good communication skills, an essential trait of a lawyer.

Demonstrate an interest in law

During your interview you may be asked questions about the legal industry. Make sure that you are up-to-date with current affairs, especially the latest news and issues involving law.

Have a good knowledge of the area of law you are interested in and applied for, as this will demonstrate to the interviewer that you would be a suitable candidate to enrol on the law school’s programme.

Ask questions at the end of the interview

For lawyers, asking questions comes naturally. Asking questions about the university and the law programme not only shows genuine interest in the course, but will also allow you to find out the answers to burning questions that you couldn’t find online.

Body language

Finally, make sure that you have positive body language. In the age of video interviewing, it may seem that you are slouching, even though your laptop camera is just not angled properly. Make sure you test your device’s video camera and see how you appear on screen before you start the call.


Taking on board the advice above will no doubt help you nail your law school interview.


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