Career Development

We host a number of career development events each year and work closely with local recruiters, Bristol Law Society and Bristol WLD as well as local firms.

Social Events

We have a variety of socials throughout the year including Summer Drinks, Christmas Drinks and two Charity Quizzes. Our flagship event each year is our annual ball.

What the members say

“The Bristol JLD provides an informal way to network and build relationships in the Bristol Community.”

About the area

Moving to Bristol has often been compared to moving to London; the cities share the same diversity, the same focus on independence and innovation, yet Bristol is slightly smaller and not as overpopulated, making it a more laid-back home than London. Not to mention, life in Bristol is going to be considerably cheaper than life in London!

There are a lot of financial services based in Bristol, so you can expect to work with a number of financial clients. Lawyers are needed to advise some of Bristol’s largest and most lucrative industries, such as aeronautics and defence, but there are also a number of small businesses which will need legal advice as they get off the ground.

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You can find out more about Bristol JLD and sign up for free regular e-newsletters by visiting their website. You can also contact the Bristol JLD by emailing

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