Kim Kardashian, and the art of the side hustle

With Kim Kardashian West set to become a lawyer—alongside her many other endevours—the side hustle is having a bit of a moment. Matthew Kay of Vario explains how you too can balance a legal career and a successful business.

  • Last updated Apr 26, 2019 10:08:40 AM
  • Matthew Kay, Director of Vario from Pinsent Masons
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Popular culture icon Kim Kardashian West recently announced she would be embarking on a four-year apprenticeship with the aim of becoming a lawyer. Balancing this with her already-successful career and hectic schedule, she will have to complete 18 hours of supervised study every week, whilst shadowing two lawyers. 

For Kim K’s fans this newfound passion for law and order isn’t a surprise. Those that follow her closely know that she recently helped secure a release for grandmother Alice Johnson who had been given a life sentence for drug trafficking in 1996.

Some critics have viewed her latest career move with scepticism, and have questioned how she can balance a legal career with managing her beauty business, attending fashion weeks, modelling for Vogue magazine…whilst also being simultaneously filmed for her TV series, Keeping up with the Kardashians

Kim is a highly successful businesswoman who has perfected the ‘side hustle’ to the extreme. But Kim won’t be the first lawyer to balance such a varied and interesting career. More lawyers than ever before have shrugged off expectations and gone into freelancing which allows them flexibility over their legal career so they can pursue entrepreneurial ventures. When you’ve only been a few years qualified you may think it’s risky to balance law with a business, but there are ways of turning your business dream into reality without turning your back on the law. Inspired by Kim Kardashian’s legal move, here are some side-hustle tips below.

1. Totally plan this out

You’ve got a fab business idea, right? You’ve started having the good conversations with the right people, putting together your business plan. Maybe you’ve started putting feelers out about investment, but how can you juggle this with your day job of legal life without it blurring boundaries?

Many of our Varios who run their own businesses credit organisation and planning from the very start so you know when you can work, how much time will be needed to devote to your business and where you will be working from. 

To make the most of time around your day job, use social media to engage with your potential clients / customers. Utilise the networks you have already to spread the word about your business. Maximise your existing connections to utilise your smaller amount of time to engage. 

2. Keep up with ‘Kommitments’ 

Do you envisage your business as seasonal or daily? If you feel you need more time to focus on the setting-up phase, consider flexible or part-time work. Check with your firm about what they offer in terms of flexibility—is it feasible to come to an agreement about flexible working hours in the week or part-time over the year? For example, six months on, six months off? If your firm doesn’t offer this option, consider other ways of balancing legal work with your business. For example as a contract lawyer you are free to work when and wherever you like.

3. Have ‘Konfidence’ 

This isn’t easy, and isn’t for every junior lawyer. But if it’s a time in your life where you’re in a good position to follow your dreams, and balance this closely with legal work, when would be a better time? Maximise the skills you’ve learnt on the day job and help push that through into the business. Having a side-hustle may also help boost your existing skills, knowledge and emotional intelligence, due to forming connections with potential stakeholders and clients. So have confidence in yourself to perfect the ‘Kim K side hustle’. 

Image license: Eva Rinaldi

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