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Non-Law Final Years

The last year of university is when it all hots up. Not only are there exams to contend with, but you’ll be wanting to apply for training contracts, pupillages, vacation schemes, and, of course, the law conversion course.

What makes a great lawyer? Jennifer Overhaus, Former Partner and Head of a Global Practice Group in a Top-50 American Law Firm

When I received this article topic, my first instinct was to think, “This is an easy one to answer considering I’ve just written a 500+ page book on the subject, Juggling the Big for Lawyers: A career-building plan for developing your personal...

Training contract applications – non-law students By Billy Sexton, Editor,

As a non-law final year student you may have dozens of friends who have celebrated finishing their studies forever, but you know you’re in it for the long haul. You’re passionate about following a career in law and know that the GDL and LPC are...

Preparing for law school By Billy Sexton, Editor,

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to law school you go..! Your undergraduate years may be coming to an end (*wipes single tear from eye*), but you have another two years studying at law school for the law conversion course (or Graduate Diploma in Law) and...



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