US Firm Vacation Schemes

Don’t worry - doing a vacation scheme at a US firm doesn’t mean relocating to the US for a couple of weeks. Rather, a vacation scheme at a US firm is a great chance to experience the culture at an American firm, from the UK’s legal epicentre - London. In recent years, a number of law firms have made the jump across the pond, either by merging with British firms or by setting up a branch to operate in the UK.

Your experience at a US firm will vary depending on how recently the firm was established in the UK - it could either have a large office with multiple departments, or be a fairly new office with a smaller team. It’s a good idea to consider which of these appeal to you before sending off your vacation scheme applications.

Before sending off those all-important application forms, do a bit of research into what recruiters are looking for in vacation scheme applicants. Then it’s time to dive in: here’s our selection of vacation schemes at US firms.


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