Scottish Firm Vacation Schemes

If you’re currently studying for a qualifying degree in Scots Law, a vacation scheme at a Scottish firm could be right up your street. It’s a great chance to gain an insight into how Scottish law firms operate, and put what you’re learning about in your degree into practice in an active law firm.

There are multiple diverse and exciting opportunities for vacation scheme students within Scotland - from the historical buzz of Edinburgh, the country’s capital, to the ever-expanding Glasgow and Aberdeen, there are a number of different city experiences to choose from. If you’d prefer to do your vacation scheme in a small, close-knit environment, there are a number of towns that can serve as your base.

As with any vacation scheme application, you will need to do some intense research into the firms you are applying to, as well as honing your CV. Once you’ve done that, time to start browsing vacation scheme opportunities at Scottish law firms!


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