How to find a legal apprenticeship

  • Last updated Feb 10, 2018 5:58:18 PM
  • Becky Kells, Editor, AllAboutLaw

So you’ve decided you like the idea of a salary, on the job training and study that makes up a legal apprenticeship package? Great! Starting the search for your legal apprenticeship can be daunting. It helps to know what types of apprenticeship the legal sector has to offer.

If you’re thinking of training to be a Paralegal, a Solicitor or a Chartered Legal Executive, then you’re in luck – there are apprenticeships tailored to these roles.

When are legal apprenticeships advertised?

A number of legal apprenticeships are advertised at the same time every year, to coincide with the end of school and college. It’s a good idea to start looking as summer approaches, and to make a note of any application deadlines.

Some companies will recruit apprentices on an ongoing basis, so you can apply at any time.

Where can I find a legal apprenticeship?

First of all, you can check for all legal vacancies – including apprenticeships – here on the AllAboutLaw website. It’s also worth taking a look at our sister site, – as well as law apprenticeship vacancies, they have a wealth of information about applying for apprenticeships in general.

Vacancy adverts will state the length of the apprenticeship, the location, and the salary on offer. Once you’ve found a number of vacancies in your chosen area of law, you can compare and contrast these details to figure out which apprenticeships are best suited to you.

There will also be information about what to expect from the firm, what kind of work you’ll be involved with and the qualification you’ll study for while you’re working there.

Researching your law firm

Once you’ve decided on an apprenticeship to apply for, you should do some additional research on the law firm’s website. Legal apprenticeships are competitive, so a tailored, specific application will help you to stand out from other candidates.

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