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The benefits of a non-rotational training system

  • 14:00-15:00
  • Monday 27th November
  • J.E. Woo

An introduction to Jones Day with a focus on the non-rotational training system. Firstly, outlining what the system is and crucially how it differs from the traditional seat model. The newly-qualified associate speakers will give first hand accounts of their experience seeking their own work, working across numerous practice areas simultaneously and working with lawyers and clients of varying seniorities. 

The speakers will also discuss how they came to find out about the system, useful research tools they used and why they decided this system was right for them. The aim of this is to prompt the audience to start to ask the same questions before they consider applying to Jones Day. 

They will also touch on how the vacation schemes are designed to mirror the training contract and allow freedom and responsibility. The session will hugely benefit from lots of questions from the audience and the trainees will be open and honest about their experience.