Written By Jack J Collins, Editor of AllAboutLaw.co.uk

The 'Suits' Generation of Lawyers?

Written By Jack J Collins, Editor of AllAboutLaw.co.uk

Latest research by Fletchers Solicitors has shown that more than one in three millenials have taken career inspiration from TV shows that they have watched.

Of those, more than 60% have gone on to research the field and what it entails, which has led many to the conclusion that this is a generation of jobseekers defined by their viewing choices!

In terms of lawyers, the 'Suits' phenomenon, including engaging storylines and characters such as Mike Ross and Rachel Zane, is said to have pushed a new generation towards the legal sphere. 

The survey, which interviewed over 2000 British Adults, was published in the Careers on the Box report by Fletchers, and has revealed that huge numbers of young adults are turning away from careers advisors and towards their TV sets, with a huge 35% revealing that they have taken inspiration for their career path from their favourite TV shows. 

And a further quarter (27%) have considered starting their own business after something on the box caught their attention.

TV stars that are inspiring career choices of Brits the most include the business powerhouses that make up the Dragons Den panel, such as Duncan Bannatyne, Deborah Meaden, Theo Paphitis and Peter Jones, (14%), as well as D:Ream frontman turned physicist, Professor Brian Cox (17%).

Suits, and its star Rachel Zane, played by Meghan Markle, (the current significant other of Prince Harry) also featured among the top ten TV stars that are inspiring job choices the most.

Applications for law degrees among women have increased by 20% over the past five years, according to UCAS, which is further proof that our best-loved series and characters are shaping our choice of job.

However, for 38%, the reality of working life differed from the silver screen, as they felt the television made their job look better than it is. 

Ed Fletcher, CEO of Fletchers Solicitors, said: “The impact of TV role models shouldn’t be underestimated, we have seen in previous years how shows such as CSI have lead to a surge in forensic science course applications, and it seems that it is now the turn of the law and business professions to benefit from an influx in interest and applicants.

“Growing up I was fascinated by those TV lawyers who fought against the odds to secure justice for their clients, and that still affects how I see my job today. It also suggests that TV production companies could have a role to play in helping inspire people into professions where there is going to be most need in 10 or 20 years’ time.  With that in mind, perhaps we need shows that popularise engineers or mathematicians to help shape future generations.”

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