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Bird & Bird FAQs

Use the FAQs section below to find out the answers to key questions you might have about Bird & Bird. 

What benefits does Bird & Bird provide for its employees?

The firm provides a variety of benefits, including but not limited to: 25 days of holiday, a day of paid volunteering (two once you qualify), private medical insurance and discounts off of music lessons and massages. 

Do you provide feedback to unsuccessful candidates?

At the online application stage, candidates do not receive feedback due to the high volume of applicants. Applicants who are unsuccessful after the assessment day receive feedback.

Will I receive financial assistance for the LPC?

The firm covers the cost of the LPC fees, the cost of admission to The Law Society, as well as a maintenance grant to support you while you study. 

Aside from academics, what qualities should applicants possess?

Applicants should be inquisitive, curious, creative, work well with others and be interested in and appreciative of different cultures. 

How many places does the firm have for training contracts and vacation schemes?

There are 40 places across the two vacation schemes, and up to 18 for the training contracts.