Am I socially mobile?

A number of initiatives in the legal industry aim to widen access to the profession for people from underrepresented communities. One of these communities is people who are ‘socially mobile’. There’s a good chance you might not realise your true social mobility status! Complete our test now and find out if you are eligible for any D&I programmes.

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How will this tool help you?

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    Understand your eligibility

    You might not realise you’re a socially mobile candidate. Don’t miss out! Check your eligibility using our helpful tool and get some clarity.

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    Consider all factors

    A number of indicators may influence a candidate’s social mobility status. We’ll help you consider them all.

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    Access AllAboutLaw Diversity

    Once you’ve answered all the questions, we’ll let you know if you are eligible to join our AllAboutLaw Diversity programme, with exclusive events and opportunities.