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Mini Pupillage

Mini pupillages aren’t cuter versions of pupillages; they are a great chance to find out whether a career as a barrister is really for you. From finding a pupillage to how to impress on one, delve into our bunch of handy articles.

How to get a mini pupillage By Maudie Powell-Tuck, AllAboutLaw

When you’ve decided that being a barrister is what you want to do, the best way to get a taste of life at the Bar is to do a mini-pupillage. The ‘where’ of doing a mini-pupillage should be quite simple. Find out all you can about various...

Mini Pupillages: What You Really Need to Know By Rebecca Morgan, Law student, University of Hertfordshire

Mini pupillages are two to five days spent shadowing a barrister. They are a great opportunity to discover what goes on first hand in court and in chambers. This article aims to demystify some of the preconceptions and misconceptions many...

Mini pupillage: The student’s perspective By Lost London Law Student

Before you start applying for mini-pupillages, you will need to know what a mini-pupillage is and what the application process entails. What is a mini-pupillage? A mini-pupillage is a period of three to five days spent at a set of chambers,...

Mini pupillage applications By Cassie Williams, Barrister, 39 Park Square Chambers

A few years ago, at a chambers meeting, when I was not properly paying attention, I found myself voted in as the new ‘mini-pupillage officer’. Since, I’ve had applications that say CVs can be provided on request, one line cover letters and many...

What is a mini pupillage? By Billy Sexton, Editor,

Mini pupillages are, in short, the vacation schemes of the barrister world. That’s right, this means that they’re crucial forms of work experience that chambers would absolutely love to see on your pupillage applications. As with any graduate...



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