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We believe the legal profession should be open to everybody regardless of background or circumstances. In this section, you’ll find useful diversity-focused resources and advice.

Diversity in the legal sector By Jos Weale, Managing Editor, AllAboutLaw

Contrary to the belief of Ron Burgundy and his comrades in the film Anchorman, “diversity” is most definitely not “an old, old wooden ship”. Diversity in the working world is all about combating discrimination in employment and promoting...

Diversity in law: Working with a disability Written by Ed Fletcher, CEO of a leading medical negligence & serious injury law firm

If you live with a disability you’ll know how it feels to be treated differently, to catch uneasy stares, or to have people awkwardly bite their tongues to keep from asking "What happened to you?" You’d happily tell them, of course, because for...

Diversity in Law Careers 2014 By Billy Sexton, Editor,

The legal sector often gets a bit of stick for being an old white boys club, open only to privately schooled, Oxbridge education individuals. This may be a stereotype but we can definitely say that this isn’t the case in the present day. What...

Law society diversity By Billy Sexton, Editor,

Diversity in law is pretty important, right? Human rights and employment law combine to attempt to combat discrimination in employment, recruitment and dismissals and promote equality in the workplace. The legal industry itself has recently...

Diversity & Inclusion at Nabarro Article provided by Nabarro LLP

Diversity and equality is an important consideration for law firms, and Nabarro highlight their projects and initiatives… Nabarro are committed to diversity and equality of opportunity. The firm are active, partner led members of the Law Society...

Black Solicitors Network By Billy Sexton, Editor,

There are a range of minority groups in the legal sector that aim to represent the views of a particular section of society. The main group that represents the interests of black solicitors is the Black Solicitors Network! So what does the Black...

Law diversity scholarships By Billy Sexton, Editor,

Following a career in the law is an expensive venture. With the cost of undertaking the LPC and BPTC in London exceeding £10,000, not to mention living costs, you may find yourself pulling your hair out wondering how you’re exactly going to fund...


  • Training Contract 2019

    England: £26,000 (1st year), Scotland: £19,500 (1st year)
    Southampton, Reading, Milton Keynes, Birmingham, Nottingham, Manchester and Edinburgh
    Deadline: 30/06/2017

  • Legal Apprentice

    Gowling WLG
    London and Birmingham
    Deadline: 30/06/2017

  • Training Contract

    1st year £37,000
    Deadline: 31/07/2017


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