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Diversity at Reed Smith

Reed Smith has been on the cutting edge of developing innovative solutions to enhance inclusion and equality within its organization and throughout the legal profession. A recognition that the firm's greatest asset is the diversity of its lawyers and business personnel has enabled the firm to deliver remarkable results. At Reed Smith, we are passionate about diversity, equity and inclusion. Our core values are at the heart of everything we do; they represent who we are and who we want to be. Our mission is focused on the recruitment, retention, promotion and professional development of our diverse talent. We are transforming our culture through “tone at the top” messaging and innovative programming focused on inclusive behaviour and actions.


Our LGBTQ+ business inclusion group PRISM (Pride, Respect and Inclusion Simply Matter) is a visible champion for inclusion, equity, diversity and LGBTQ+ engagement. PRISM’s mission is to support our LGBTQ+ lawyers and staff through a variety of efforts, including community involvement, advocacy within and outside of the firm, recruitment of LGBTQ+ talent, and professional development of our existing LGBTQ+ workforce. As we aim to work on initiatives that span our global footprint, we prioritize the engagement of our group members and local community partners to ensure our efforts align with the specific issues facing the LGBTQ+ community in different regions. 


Our disability business inclusion group, LEADRS (Looking for the Excellence & Advancement of Persons with Disabilities at Reed Smith), supports and enhances the professional, personal, and career development of people with all types of disabilities – physical, mental, visible and non-visible, permanent and temporary – both at our firm and in the legal profession. LEADRS was inspired by the 2012 London Paralympics, and its growing membership now includes attorneys and staff, with and without disabilities, from around the globe. Reed Smith is proud to be a disability-smart organization, and we are determined to be the law firm of choice for candidates with disabilities.

Multicultural Network

Our firm’s Multicultural Network (MCN), was initially launched in 2015 and relaunched on 6th February 2018, in our London office. The MCN is part of our firm’s wider diversity, equity and inclusion strategy and will work towards helping to continue the great work we are already doing internally and externally in this arena. The MCN aims to provide all of our employees and selected clients with the opportunity to experience and celebrate their differences in a positive way. In addition to this, MCN aims to support and lead BAME initiatives and be a driving force that supports our firm’s broader diversity and recruitment strategies.

Mental Health Task Force

The Reed Smith Mental Health Task Force works to ensure that our lawyers and professional staff get the assistance they need to confront mental health and substance use issues, and to challenge the stigma surrounding those issues. Its goal is to cultivate a workplace that promotes psychological wellness and encourages help-seeking behaviours. The Task Force is advising the firm on policies and practices, educational programming, services, and resources, and it is raising awareness around issues of mental well-being.

Women's Initiative Network

The Women’s Initiative Network of Reed Smith (“WINRS”) is a growing global community of lawyers that operates as a “Virtual Practice Group” dedicated to further enhancing our workplace to more effectively develop, reward, engage, and attract women lawyers. The primary objective of WINRS is to help our women develop to their fullest potential, and position them appropriately for advancement and success. Our WINRS Working Groups are actively engaged in building a platform for success by focusing on the following elements and constituencies:




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