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Vacation Scheme

A vacation scheme is a solicitors’ internship and a pretty big step towards getting a training contract. We’ve put together articles, tips and advice on where to look, how to apply for a vacation scheme and how to impress once you are on one.

Vacation schemes: the application process By Maudie Powell-Tuck and Sofia Gymer, Editors,

It’s no secret that vacation schemes are being utilised increasingly by firms to scout out potential trainees. The year 2015 has seen the number of trainees recruited from vacation schemes steadily rise to a whopping 40%, up from 35% in 2014 and...

My Hong Kong vacation scheme By Gavin Creelman, Third Year Law Student, University of Cambridge

It’s not often that you get to go abroad as part of a vacation scheme, let alone spend two weeks in one of the most vibrant commercial hubs in Asia, Hong Kong. Be prepared to squirm with jealousy as Gavin Creelman relays his experience of a...

6 vital vacation scheme dos and don'ts By Maudie Powell-Tuck and Sofia Gymer, Editors,

A vacation scheme is your opportunity to impress; many law firms recruit their trainees from their vacation scheme intake, so it’s vital you perform well and make a good impression. In all likelihood, the firm will be assessing you from the...

How I secured a vacation scheme By Rob McKellar, LLB Law Graduate, Exeter University

Phase 1: laying the groundwork One of the most underrated mechanisms for getting your foot in the vacation scheme door is your university law fair. A day, I think, that can be easily missed if you’re a bit lazy/busy/hungover, but it’s really...

What is a vacation scheme? By Maudie Powell-Tuck, Editor,

A vacation scheme is a period of work experience with a law firm. Typically they run for one or two weeks, although they can be longer. Vacation schemes aren’t just a work experience opportunity; many law firms will use them as a way of hunting...

Top tips for a vacation scheme application By Billy Sexton, Editor,

So you’re certain that you want to follow a career path in law and being the proactive, hard-working undergraduate student that you are, you’re on the hunt to secure a vacation scheme with a top law firm. You know that law firms use vacation...

How to write a vacation scheme CV By Billy Sexton, Editor,

If you haven’t guessed already, or are new to the website, we’re pretty keen on helping you budding lawyers land yourself a vacation scheme or training contract. Seeing as landing a vacation scheme is crazy important because it...

What's the competition for a vacation scheme? By Billy Sexton, Editor,

Even if you have a mild interest in a career in law, undertaking a vacation scheme is a great option to further your interest and experience. Even if you complete a scheme and decide that law isn’t for you, you’d have pocketed a tidy £250 for...

Vacation schemes: Are they really “Half The Battle”? By Billy Sexton, Editor,

If you receive emails from (if you don’t, sign up here if ya want!) or follow us on Facebook, you’d have heard us spouting quite a bit about how you should apply for vacation schemes, as they’re “Half The Battle” to securing a

How important is a vacation scheme? By Sofia Gymer, Editor,

In the aspiring lawyers community there is naturally a large focus on acquiring a training contract, because they are seen as a sure bet to gain full-time employment. However, especially in recent years, vacation schemes are increasingly being...

The truth about the application process By Sofia Gymer, Editor,

We spoke to Janine Arnold, trainee recruitment manager at Slaughter and May, to get the scoop on the vacation scheme process. What do Slaughter and May look for in an application?  "Our application process is a CV and cover letter; candidates...


  • Trainee Solicitor

    London, Manchester
    Deadline: 31/07/2017


    Clifford Chance
    Deadline: 26/06/2017

  • Trainee Solicitor

    Sidley Austin LLP
    Deadline: 22/07/2017


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