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Travers Smith Frequently Asked Questions

All your questions about Travers Smith, answered!

Are there any overseas opportunities?

There is the opportunity to complete a seat in Paris. Following qualification, there are numerous opportunities for secondments to overseas law firms with whom Travers Smith have a close relationship. In recent years, associates have worked on secondment in places such as the Netherlands, Germany and Spain.

What is the ratio of vacation scheme students versus straight interview?

As of September 2021, 74.5% attended a scheme versus 25.5% for an interview.

How much are students paid for the vacation scheme?

Remuneration is £450 per week.

How many offices does Travers Smith have in total?

Two- London and Paris

What benefits does Travers Smith offer?

Benefits include: language classes, music lessons, a subsidised cafe/restaurant, private medical insurance and a free annual subscription to the mindfulness app.