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Sainsbury's Is Being Sued 16/07/2015

Leigh Day, personal injury, employment and human rights solicitors, is to become embroiled in an equal pay battle with yet another of the UK's biggest supermarkets. This time, supergiant Sainsbury's.

The firm is representing 4 female employees who claim they are being paid less than their male counterparts, for performing jobs which are equally valuable.

A source from Leigh Day warns the case may be “as big as the Asda case” in which the firm is currently involved.

The Asda case, which began in 2008 and goes to trial in 2016, might see Asda pay out millions after facing mass legal action from employees. Upon revealing that they would be representing 400 female Asda employees who felt that their pay was not equal, Leigh Day was shockingly approached by over 19,000 claimants. Thus, the case became collosal. 

Asda employs over 170,000 workers across the UK. If they lose the claim, they may be forced to pay employees the difference in earnings going back 6 years, which would make it the largest employment claim in the private sector.

Sainsbury's has instructed TLT solicitors to defend them against the claims.

Chris Benson, a partner at Liegh Day, leads both claims. On the 10 July 2015, a preliminary hearing in the Sainsbury's case was held at an employment tribunal in Birmingham. Sainsbury's request to delay the case until the Asda case had been decided, which would set a precedent, was denied.




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