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Lauri Love: British man accused of hacking US government fights extradition in High court 30/11/2017

Lauri Love is accused of illegally accessing US government websites, and is currently embroiled in a fight to be tried in the UK. Theoretically, the crime Love is accused of took place in the UK, yet the US government wants to try him as the crime was against them.

However, his counsel has argued that extradition would pose a major risk to Love, who has severe depression, as Love has indicated that being relocated to the USA - and as a consequence, losing his support network - would cause him to commit suicide. Love also has Aspergers syndrome, a type of autism, and chronic physical health issues, asthma and eczema, all of which would be significantly aggravated in the event of extradition, his lawyer argues.

In a similar case - that of Gary McKinnon - extradition was not the outcome, with the trial going ahead in the UK. The current case will reveal if the same defense will stand for Love.

Love was arrested in 2014 after data stolen from US government websites was found on one of his computers. The case was brought before the district court last year, and the judge ruled for extradition.



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