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Anonymous woman brings civil sexual assault case against Harvey Weinstein 29/11/2017

A British woman is bringing a civil case against Harvey Weinstein due to sexual assault - the first civil case to be brought against the disgraced Hollywood director in the UK. The woman, an actor, has chosen to remain anonymous, and will be represented by British lawyer Jill Greenfield of Fieldfisher.

Greenfield is a personal injury solicitor. On behalf of her client, damages will be sought for personal injury, expenses, consequential loss including aggravated and exemplary damages, and interest arising from a series of sexual assaults. It is believed that the damages claim will exceed £300,000. The events in question occurred after the year 2000.

The civil case will be sought against Weinstein’s US company, his UK based company and also against him on a personal level. Elsewhere, Weinstein is facing a criminal investigation for sexual assault. Unlike a criminal investigation - which requires proof ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ to return a guilty verdict - a civil case is based on ‘the balance of probabilities’.

Weinstein is one of numerous men across a number of industries who is currently under scrutiny for years of sexual misconduct, harassment, assault and rape. There is now an increasing number of women who have spoken out about encounters with Weinstein in particular. He denies all claims.




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