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Summer Vacation Scheme - 2018

Ashurst LLP

Salary: £400 per week

Deadline: 07/01/2018

Show locations

  • London

We have two three-week summer vacation schemes which are open to all penultimate law students as well as, final year students and graduates studying a law or non-law degree.

During the vacation scheme, attendees will experience two specific departments or practice areas, under the close guidance and supervision of a solicitor. Apart from this 'live' work experience, there are formal training sessions comprised of lectures, workshops, and plenty of networking opportunities.

Attendees are also encouraged to meet and interact with a wide variety of solicitors and other staff in the firm during informal gatherings. In particular, attendees are required to spend time with the current cohort of trainee solicitors, to gain a perspective on completing a training contract at Ashurst in the future.



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