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Graduate Jobs

2020 Training Contract

Withers LLP

Salary: Salary £37,000 for first year trainees, £40,000 for second year trainees

Deadline: 31/07/2018

Show locations

  • London
  • Hong Kong

Over the two year training contract trainees undertake four training seats, each of six months’ duration.

Training seats are allocated following consultation with the trainee to ensure that consideration is given to their career aspirations alongside the firm's business needs. Our ultimate aim is to ensure that trainees receive a balanced training experience during the two year period.

Trainees are assigned a seat supervisor for each seat, who will provide work and be responsible for providing training and feedback on performance. Two appraisals take place in each seat: a mid-seat and an end-seat where objectives are set and evaluated.

Our possible training seats are listed below:


Wealth Planning

Corporate and Commercial

CTSG (Contentious Trusts and Succession Group)




Property Litigation

Real Estate

Commercial Litigation and Arbitration

There may also be the opportunity to spend one of your seats in one of our international offices. There are currently trainee seats in Hong Kong, Milan and Geneva



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